1.2 HMI Par150
10 x 10 Muslin20
12'x12' Light Grid35
12'x12' Quarter Grid35
12'x12' Ultrabounce35
12'x12' Silver Lame35
18 x 24 Silk4
1K Baby Soft Lite25
1K Fresnel35
1K Redhead25
2-Riser Baby Stand5
2.5 HMI Fresnel275
30 X 30 Digi Green Screen175
200 W Joker0
200 W Mini0
200 W Pepper25
20K Fresnel500
24X72 Cutter9
2K Blondie35
2k Baby25
2k Desisti50
2K Molepsol0
2K Soft Lite35
3-Riser Baby Stand6
300 W Betricin0
300 W Betweenie25
300 W Inky25
4' 4 in 1 Bounce Kit8
4' Kino Colored Tubes0
4 in 1 Bounce Kit8
4 Way Ultra Bounce25
4 x 12 Teaser8
4 X 4' Party Gel Tubes4
42" Collapsable Reflector4
45" White Umbrella5
4x4 Double Net7
4x4 Flat Frame4
4x4 Single Net7
5 in 1 Reflector5
500 W Lekos25
500 W Tweenie25
5K Fresnel65
600 W Tweenie25
650 W Nine Lites60
650w Tweenies30
6K 3 Channel Flicker Box60
750 Zip Light25
8" Jr. Fresnel45
8x8 1/2 Grid25
8x8 1/4 Silk25
8x8 China Silk25
8x8 Set100
8x8 White Griff15
Baby 2K25
Bogen Counterweight5
Bogen Tripod15
BogenTripod 055XPROB15
Butt Can1
Cable Pkg 150-300 Amps150
Cable Pkg 300 Amps150
Cable Pkg 450 Amps250
Cartellini Clamp8
Chimera Daylight Plus50
Chimera Octa 320
Chimera Speed Ring5
Combo Stand8
Crate of Wedges15
Distro and Electric300
Diva 400175
Dolly Track1.5
Duckbill Clamp5
Eizo CG 276 27" Monitor250
Fire Estinguisher15
Floor Mats4
Fluid Head Tripod50
Furny Pads2.5
Gaffers Tape 1" Roll20
Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripod25
Haze in a Can10
Hi Rollers12.5
HMI 1.2 Light150
Hoist Motor10
Ice Chest5.5
Kino 2 X 249
Kino Single18
KinoFlo 4 X 245
KinoFlo Bulbs 4'5
KinoFlo Image 87150
laptop stand10
Low Combo Teenie Stand8
Magic Roller Stand10
Magliner/Liberator Junior35
Make-up Mirror30
Manfrotto 405 Gear Head15
Manfrotto Tripod15
Minfrotto Tripod 055XB20
Mirror Boards32
Mister Fans5
Mole Par20
Mole Richardson Fan65
Nine Lite100
Nine Lite Maxi Brute150
Par64 1200W Firestarters15
Photec Umbrella 60"9
Power Squid15
Air Remote25
B4 Battery Charger15
B4 Extra Battery35
B4 Generator125
Profoto Barn Doors5
Profoto Grid and Filter Holder10
Profoto Pro Daylights HMI150
Profoto Snoot8
Profoto Sync Cords 2'5
Pumpkin Weight5
Rolling Studio Stool10
Rotalux 3920
Sash Cord15
Screw Gun10
Scrim Jim Frame15
Set Wall Jacks10
Silver Foamcore Reflector5
Silver Umbrella7
Stake Kits5
Step Stool5
Stingers 25'4
Stirrup Hanger10
Styling Makeup Mirror25
Super Pro Plus Silver Video Pro30
Surge Protector3
Sync Cords3
Table Top Gag Kit60
Trash Can5
Triple Header Adapter9
Tripod, Video25
Umbrella Shoot Through 7'8
Umbrella White 5'7
USB Ext Cable1
USB Tether Cable mini USB-USB3
#1 Spring Clip1
#2 Spring Clip1
1.2 HMI Fresnel150
10 K Fresnel110
100 Amp Lunchbox25
100/60 Bates Splitters12
12' 1.25 Speedrail12
12'x12' Full Stop35
12'x12' Griff35
12'x12' Rags32
12'x12' Solid35
12 X 12 Complete175
12 X 12 Double Net35
12x12 1/2 Silk35
12x12 1/4 Silk35
12x12 Bleached Muslin35
150 W Hamster10
18 x 14 Silk6
18 x 14 Solid6
18 X 24 Double Net5
18 X 24 Single Net7
18 x 24 Solid8
18x24 Double6
1k Baby Baby45
1K Dimmer10
1K Hand Dimmer10
1K Par 64 Med20
1K Red Head25
2 and 3 Riser Combo Stand9
2 OT Bare End To Camlock Jumper300
2 OT Cam Distro Jumpers235
2 X 3 Double8
2 X 3 X 2 Element Box35
2 X 6 Floppy6
2000 W Generator60
20X20 Bleached Muslin70
20X20 Frame60
20x20 Green Screen70
20X20 Silk50
20x20 Solid Backdrop45
20x30 Solid Backdrop65
24 X 36 Double Net6
24 X 36 Single Net6
24 X 48 Double Net9
24 X 48 Single Net9
25 Ft 100 Amp Bates18
2K Blondie35
2K Dimmer12
2K Fresnel35
2K Spacelights50
2K Studio Jrs Fresnel65
2K Variac25
2K Zip Light35
2x3 Black Silk8
2X3 Cucoloris10
2X3 Double Net8
2X3 Flat Frame15
2X3 Silk7
2X3 Single Net8
2X3 Solid7
2X3X2 Element Box35
3-Riser Jr Stand9
3-Way Splitter4
36" Collapsable Reflector4
3x3 Diffusion Frame8
4' Single Kino22
4' X 4'15
4' X 4' Floppy10
4' X 4' Silk9
4 X 4 Flat Frame18
4 X 4 Silver / Gold Bounce Boar10
4 X 4 Silver Bounce Card12
4 X 6 Scrim Jim Kit30
4" Baby C-Clamp2
40 Inch Silver Umbrella7
400 Amp Distro50
400 W Joker Bug135
42" Flexfill20
45" Photoflex Umbrella6
4k Soft65
4x Difusion Frame8
4X Double12
4X Single12
4x4 1/4 Black Silk10
4x4 Black Silk10
4x4 Cucoloris15
4x4 Cutter7
4x4 Floppy7
4X4 Rubber Matting5
4x4 Silk15
4x4 Silver / Gold Bounce Card10
4x4 White Bead Board10
4x8 Bead Board20
50' 4-Wire Banded18
50' 60 Amp Bates Ext10
50 Ft 100 Amp Bates18
5K Skypan65
5K Studio Fresnel100
6 X 6 Black Fabric Reflector15
6 X 6 Frame15
6 X 6 Silk15
6" Baby C-Clamp2
6K HMI Fresnel375
6K Spacelights95
6x6 1/2 silk15
6x6 1/4 silk15
6x6 Double Net15
6x6 Double Net Bobinett15
6X6 Frame15
6x6 Light Grid15
6x6 Quarter Grid15
6x6 Scrim Jim 1/2 silk15
6x6 Scrim Jim Black10
6x6 Scrim Jim Frame10
6x6 Scrim Jim Full silk10
6x6 Scrim Jim Kit20
6x6 silk15
6x6 Single Bobinett15
6x6 single Net15
6x6 Soft Frost15
6x6 Solid15
6x6 White/Silver15
8' 1.25 Speedrail8
8 X 8 Complete125
8 X 8 Rags25
8" Baby C-Clamp2
8x8 1/4 Grid25
8x8 Double Net25
8x8 Frame25
8x8 Silk25
8x8 Soft Frost25
8x8 Solid25
APC Battery Backup10
Arca Swiss:B1 Quick Release Ballhead20
Arri:1K Studio Fresnel Complete35
Arri:300 Watt Plus Fresnel Complete20
Arri:650 Watt Plus Fresnel Complete25
Arri Light Stand6
Avenger:Mini Boom15
Avenger Crank Stand40
Baby 5K Sr.60
Baby Pin1
Baby Soft Light25
Battery Charger 12v10
Beach Cart20
Bogen:3021 Tripod10
Bogen:3047 3-Way Head10
Bogen:Super Boom25
Bogen Stand4
California Sunbounce20
Camera Bag10
Cardellini Clamp5
Chimera:Chimera F2 Softbox500
Metal Speedring For Profoto5
Soft Grid For Softbox20
Super Pro Plus Silver Large22
Super Pro Plus Silver Medium18
Super Pro Plus Silver Small15
Super Pro Plus Silver X-Small10
Super Pro Plus Strip Large22
Super Pro Plus Strip Medium20
Super Pro Plus Strip Small15
Commercial Sink50
Compressed Air10
Counter Weight3
Crank Risers40
Cube Tap2
Dedo Light Kit175
Digital:Digital Workstation250
Directors Chairs7
Diva Light85
Dot and Finger Set55
Duvetyne Teaser25
Elinchrom:Adapter For Elinchrom Octabank5
Elinchrom:Elinchrom Octabank w/Diffuser60
Expendables:Colored Gels9
Expendables:Foam Core25
Gaffers Tape 2" Roll20
Expendables:Packing Tape6
Expendables:Seamless Paper80
EZ Up60
Flag 24 X 724
Flag Box15
Flag Kit100
Flag Set30
Flex Arm5
Flex Fill5
FOBA:Rolling Studio Stand50
Generator 200060
Green Screen45
Arri HMI 1.2 K150
HMI 800 Joker150
Hot Lights:1K Fresnel40
Ironing Board5
J Hook1
Joker HMI150
Jr Low Boy5
K-Clamp Cardellini Clamp6
KinoFlo:4-Bank System75
KinoFlo:Kino Flo Diva Light100
KinoFlo:Kino Flo Image 87150
KinoFlo 2x2 56K40
KinoFlo 4x2 56K40
Ladder1.00 / Foot
Lebrechan Dimmer System190
Lens Cleaning Cloths10
Low Boy Combo6
Lowell DP30
MacBeth Color Chart85
Magic Arm9
Magliner/Liberator Cart Sr.40
Manfrotto Light Stand5
12'X12' 1/2 Silk35
12'X12' Frame35
12'X12' Silk35
12'X12' T-Bone Frame8
12 x12 1/4 Silk35
12 x12 Solid35
2.5" Grip Head2
20" C+ Century Stand6
20" C+ Century Stand Kit6
20" Hollywood Arm2
4.5" Grip Head2
40 " Hollywood Arm2
40" C+ Century Stand5
40" C+ Century Stand Kit6
4X4 Floppy Cutter9
Apple Box Set10
Apple Box Full3
Apple Box Half3
Apple Box Pancake3
Apple Box Quarter3
Artificial Silk White 18" X 24"4
Artificial Silk White 24" X 36"4
Baby Plate4
Baby Rolling Stand10
Beefy Baby Stand6
Butterfly 20'X20'150
Crossbar1 / Ft
Double Scrim4
Double Scrim 18" X 24"4
Double Scrim 48" X 48"12
Flag 18" X 24"4
Flag 24" X 36"4
Hi-Roller Stand12.5
Junior Rolling Stand10
Junior To Baby Pin2
Bowen Light Stand4
Medium Rolling Stand10
Matthews:Sandbag 25 Lbs. Black2.50
Scaffold Clamp5
Scrim 18"X24"4
Single Scrim 18" X 24"4
Single Scrim 24" X 36"4
Single Scrim 48" X 48"7
Snap-in Baby Pin1
Super Mafer Clamp3
J-Hooks For Mafer Clamp1
Matthews 12x12 Solid35
Matthews Magic Stand25
Maxi Brute110
Medium Chimera and Ring45
Mega Boom45
Menace Arm25
Mini-Mole Snoot Set5
Mini Table Top Kit35
Minolta Light Meter10
Minolta:Color Meter IIIF10
Mirror Boards32
Misc.:A Clamps1
Mombo Combo25
Net Kit18
Painting Kit 15
Para 220250
Pelican Case25
Photec Umbrella7
Pipe Hanger7
Platypus Clamp5
Pocket Wizard10
Pocket Wizard:Multimax Transceiver15
Posing Stool10
Power Distribution:12 Gauge 25' Extension Cord4
Power Distribution:Lex Distro Box25
Power Strip2
7" Barndoors5
Bi-Tube Head75
Magnum 50 Degree Reflector10
Grid For Magnum10
Pro 7B 1200 Generator45
Pro 7B 1200 Kit70
Pro 7B Battery Charger10
Pro 7B Extra Battery15
Pro 8 Air 2400 Generator100
Pro 10 Air 2400 Generator150
Pro B4 Extra Battery35
B4 Battery Charger15
Pro Head Extension 10 Meter15
Pro Head Extension 5 Meter10
Pro Reflector For Ring Flash20
Pro Softlight Reflector Silver20
Pro Softlight Reflector White20
Pro Softlight Grid20
Diffuser For Softlight5
Profoto 41 Inch White Umbrella7
7 Inch Grid Set10
Profoto Head25
7" Inch Grid Reflector5
Ring Flash40
Fresnel Spotlights50
Profoto Zoom Reflector5
Sync Cords 16'3
TeleZoom Reflector25
TeleZoom Reflector Grid15
Ratchet Strap3
Reel EFX:RE-II Turbo Fan50
Reel EFX Haze Machine110
Reel EFX Haze Machine Fluid25
Roll of 1/4 CTB140
Rolling Monitor Stand12
Rolling Video Dolly0
Reel FX Fan50
Rosco:Rosco Custom Colored Gel9
Rosco Fog Maker50
Rubbermaid Cart20
Safety Cable1
Salon Styling Chairs50
Sandbag Cart40
Scissor Lift75
Scrim Jim 4 X 635
Seamless Background System18
Sekonic:L-358 Meter w/Remote25
Wheel Casters7.50
Set WallsTBD
Shiny Boards30
Shot Bag4
Show Card7
Skypan 5K80
Small Chimera and Ring35
Small Leko25
Snoot Adapter5
Source 4 Light25
Speedrail1.00 Per Foot
Speedrail Coupler5
Speedrail Crosses5
Speedrail Swivels5
Stage Distro300
Stage Grip Package175
Stingers 25'5
Stingers 50'7
Sunbounce Pro30
Super Crank Stand75
Tenba Cases20
Triple Riser Stand12
Tungsten 5K80
Turtle Base4
Uncle Sam Umbrella30