Loft 19 Studios was founded in 2003 by former Major League Baseball players Floyd & Brian Bannister. Floyd was the #1 overall draft pick in the 1976 baseball draft and a Major League All-Star, leading the American League in strikeouts in 1982.

The concept was to provide the same luxuries found in major studios around the world to creative professionals needing to shoot in the Southwest. Starting with one studio, a cyclorama, and a basic set of Profoto Pro-7 gear, Loft 19 Studios slowly built a reputation for professionalism, customer service, and quality.

After now celebrating its 18th Year Anniversary in the 2nd Quarter of 2021, Loft 19 Studios has morphed into a powerhouse production center that can handle shoots of all sizes and types. There are now three studios, a Two Wall Cyclorama, a Three Wall Cyclorama and a Set Build Studio.  The studios have been enhanced with soundproofing for pristine audio capture and a full line of hot lights and grip for film/video production.  A Voice Over recording room is also available.

For photographers, Loft 19 Studios stocks the following Profoto Generators in order to handle the most demanding shoots from celebrities to fashion to sports:

– 6 500w Profoto-B1 Air TTL

– 6 2400w Profoto-10

– 8 2400w Profoto-8 Air

– 8 2400w Profoto-7A

– 7 1000w Profoto B4

– 6 1200w Profoto 7B

– 4 800w Profoto HMI

–1 1200 ARRI HMI

–1 2500 ARRI HMI

— The full line of Profoto acessories

Qualified digital techs for medium-format and digital shooters may be scheduled in advance.

For film and video, Loft 19 Studios carries tungsten hot lights in sizes up to 20k, Arri electronic HMI’s, and Kino-Flo 4-Banks, Image 87’s DMX in both tungsten and daylight. A full line of Matthews / American grip,  diffusion rags, and light modifiers are available. Red, ARRI, and Canon HD video cameras may be rented locally.

Custom set / prop construction, food catering, and production assistants are available In Studio, and equipment delivery is available  to meet your specific production requirements.

Loft 19 Studios is located within minutes of  shopping, dining, resorts, golf, and entertainment of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Thank you for choosing Loft 19 Studios.